I quite enjoy creating games. The ones listed here are the web (html) games I have created. They chart my gradual learning curve for HTML and web stuff. Here is a list of them

Onion V Wheeles You play the role of an onion being remorselessly being hunted down by an ever increasing number of wheelie bins - yes it is another clone of an 8-bit game.
After quite a period I finally produce another simple web game. Again coded in CoffeeScript. Published Jan 2013

Squares. A game where you have to try make all the squares in a grid disappear by click on them. This game took me about 10hrs to write in total. This included getting familiar with CoffeeScript again after quite a break from it. I created 18 levels some of which are very easy.

Published Jan 2012

Ponder This. Another clone of an old amiga game I spend a long playing. Again powered by CoffeeScript and HTML5. Looking at it now the colour are really off putting to say the least.

Published May 2011

Monkey Bounce. This is a simple game where you have to try to bounce monkey heads on a trampoline to get them to the safty of a dessert island. It is a clone of an old amiga game I remember playing. I change the theme to monkeys. This is my first attempt at coding a game in coffeescript. I got some graphics from

Published April 2011

Working Late. An attempt at wirting a very simple Choose your own adventure. It turns out to write a really good game in this game genre you have to be a good writer. I am not exactly that! So the story is pretty weak and the spelling and grammar is nearly as bad. I did enjoy creating it and did a port to android. It was also an experiment in writing a game engine as simple as possible with no care for efficiency just a ruthless focus on code simplicity. I think I produced the game engine over a couple of evenings with hardly and bug fixes required. Published Feb 2011